Who are your mentors?

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Hello fellow friends! As you can tell, I have been on a long hiatus since I wrote my last post. That is because I have been busy with applying and back testing a brand new set of trading methodologies which I have recently acquired from my mentor, Alson Chew. He was a trader in a local proprietary firm making money that many can only dream about.

Besides learning about his trading methodologies, there is another powerful effect that came through from this experience. That is: If he is a local university graduate who served two years of National Service like any Singaporean guys and yet he is able to achieve a seemingly impossible financial goal (millionaire before 30), why can't I? This motivates me a lot. You are the average of the 5 people you spent the most time with!

Everyone is mentored by somebody in someway, even when we don't realise it. For example, your parents, school teachers, bosses and friends are continuously mentoring you in life. They share their ideas and experiences which will gradually shape your thoughts and beliefs from young. As a result, you will grow to have a set of preconceptions and bias which can affect who you become in the future.

For example, have you heard of your friends saying these:

  1. "You can't start a business at this young age. You should keep your job in this industry for more years and build your network before venturing into the business"

  2. "Aiya, rich people are always snobbish, look at that young girl driving the Lamborghini, I think she confirm got sugar daddy, let's don't be like her and stay away"

  3. "Don't compare with others. No use one. Just do what you are suppose to do and be content with what you have"

If your close friends repeat these mantras to you frequently, how do you think it will affect your ambition?

Unless you believe that whoever is mentoring you now, is where you will want to be in the future, then yes, go forth in following his or her advice. Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense to be mentored by someone who you wouldn't want to be in the future. If you do, it's like the blind leading the blind.

To clarify, I am still grateful to those who have mentored me as I know it was done out of care and concern. I got 饮水思源 one ok. What I am saying is we should try to take control of what knowledge we are acquiring and actively look for the correct mentors to help us achieve our ultimate goals. If you do know about the historical Chinese novel: Romance of the Three Kingdom, you would have known that Liu Bei went to great lengths to acquire the service of Zhu Ge Liang by humbly visiting his thatched cottage in the jungles three times even when Liu Bei himself was a royal descent. Liu Bei's brothers could not understand why Liu Bei is degrading himself to learn from a rural scholar. But Liu Bei knows that if he wants to revitalise the declining Han dynasty, he needed Zhu Ge Liang's capabilities and mentoring. Without Zhu Ge Liang, Liu Bei will not go on to become the emperor of Shu-Han. You can watch Three Kingdom series on YouTube here <I watched it at least 3 times already>.

To end my short post today, I will leave you with the following questions to think about.

1. Who are your mentors in life?

2. Are they who you want to be in the future?

3. If not, how do you intending to find the correct mentors in life?

Leave your message in the comments section or in our Facebook Group, I will love to hear more about it. Cheers!

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