Jayron's Stocks Trades 22 September 19

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Disclaimer: The charts displayed are meant for educational purpose. None of the content contained here constitutes a recommendation to make any investment. I am not responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on any information contained here. Readers are expected to perform their own due diligence before venturing in any investments.

Two topics are presented in this article.

  • Updates on closed trades last week (16 to 20 Sep)

  • Trading opportunities next week (23 to 27 Sep)

Last week trading results (closed from 16 to 20 Sep)


Entry price (cyan horizontal line)

Entry date (white vertical line)

Stop loss price (red horizontal line)

Take profit price (green horizontal line)

Long Stock: USAC

Signal date: End of 16 Aug 19

Entry price (cyan line): $15.77

Stop loss (red line): $14.89

Take profit (green line): $17.52

Feedback: Long entry at $15.77 and timeout at $16.74 (1.09R)

Lesson learnt: I set this rule that I will exit all weekly stocks 5 weekly candles after the signal candle. This trade started on 20 Aug, and I exit on 20 Sep (5 week bars).

Long Stock: HEES

Signal date: End of 30 Aug 19

Entry price (cyan line): $24.19

Stop loss (red line): $22.51

Take profit (green line): $27.82

Feedback: Long entry at $24.19 and hit trailing take profit at $27.23 (1.71R)

Lesson learnt: Whenever price hits TP, I will set a trailing stop loss at previous day low (or high for shorts). Unfortunately, I hit my trailing stop loss and instead of getting the full 2R, got only 1.71R. No regrets as this was part of the plan.

This week's trading opportunities identified

(To enter on 23 September 2019)

Stocks to go long: CCOI

Stocks to go short: ENR, ARW, RRR

If you wish to see more similar trades done in the past weeks, click here.

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