Jayron's Stocks Trades 20 October 19

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Disclaimer: The charts displayed are meant for educational purpose. None of the content contained here constitutes a recommendation to make any investment. I am not responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on any information contained here. Readers are expected to perform their own due diligence before venturing in any investments.

Two topics are presented in this article.

  • Updates on closed trades last week (14 to 18 Oct)

  • Trading opportunities next week (21 to 25 Oct)

Last week trading results (closed from 14 to 18 Oct)


Entry price (cyan horizontal line)

Entry date (white vertical line)

Stop loss price (red horizontal line)

Take profit price (green horizontal line)

Long Stock: DBX

Signal date: End of 6 Sep 19

Entry price (cyan line): $18.93

Stop loss (red line): $17.19

Take profit (green line): $22.41

Feedback: Long entry at $18.93 on 9 Sep and timeout (stock going nowhere in 5 weeks) at $19.53 on 15 Oct (-0.34R)

Long Stock: BMI

Signal date: End of 6 Sep 19

Entry price (cyan line): $52.61

Stop loss (red line): $49.65

Take profit (green line): $58.52

Feedback: Long entry at $52.61 on 9 Sep and exited before earnings report at $53.35 on 15 Oct (0.25R). Why did I only capture 0.25R profits when price apparently went on to hit take profit price at $58.52 (2R)? That was because my trading rule was to exit any stocks before earnings report date. After I exited on 15 Oct, the earnings announcement was made on 17 Oct and skyrocketed to hit Take Profit price upon good news. Even though i exited much less in profit than I would if I held on past the earning report, it would have defied my trading strategy. Statistically based on back tests, earnings report usually result in extreme volatility and this results in stop loss unable to trigger due to price gaps. Therefore, I prefer to exit before earnings to limit such risks. The downside is sacrificing the potential for high profits but I am fine with that.

This week's trading opportunities identified

(To enter on 21 October 2019)

Stocks to go long: EIGI

Stocks to go short: ASC, HZNP, SSI

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