Jayron's Stocks Trades 14 July 19

Disclaimer: The charts displayed are meant for educational purpose. None of the content contained here constitutes a recommendation to make any investment. I am not responsible for any loss arising from any investment based on any information contained here. Readers are expected to perform their own due diligence before venturing in any investments.

Two topics are presented in this article.

  • Updates on closed trades last week (8 to 12 July)

  • Trading opportunities next week (15 to 19 July)


Entry price (cyan horizontal line)

Entry date (white vertical line)

Stop loss price (red horizontal line)

Take profit price (green horizontal line)

Updates on closed trades last week (8 to 12 July)

Long Stock: SSL

Signal date: End of 21 June 19

Entry price (cyan line): $24.79

Stop loss (red line): $23.91

Take profit (green line): $27.99

Feedback: Hit Stop Loss at $23.86 (-0.69R)

The trade did not lose 1R because I entered on a better price at $23.86 even through my predefined entry price was $24.79. Therefore I lost less than 1R.

Trading opportunities next week (15 to 19 July)

No trading opportunities this week! Relax, don't force trade and ride the previous positions =)

Spend some times with your loved ones or work on your personal development and build high income skills! Money goes to those who don't chase it.

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